From data to insight with business intelligence software.

D’atalier ensures that relevant data is transformed into actionable information. We make business intelligence easier, more efficient and more accessible for all types of companies.

D'atalier is the tool to do great things with data

With D’atalier, you will discover hidden insights and gain the ability to visualise data easily. Discover which solution best suits your organisation.

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Data Maturity Scan

The Data Maturity Scan is the first step toward data-driven working. A data specialist from D’atalier carries out the scan.


D'atalier Light

D’atalier Light makes data in organisations transparent and ensures getting rich analyses and clear visual reports.


D'atalier Advanced

D’atalier Advanced enables companies that have multiple and complex data sources to work data-driven by using dashboards.

Anywhere, anytime insight into important business data

D’atalier gives teams secure access to all relevant business data and ensures that you have insight into important data anywhere, anytime. This enables you to make important data-driven decisions whenever and wherever you want.

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By analyzing raw data, we create actionable information, find trends and detect any anomalies. This gives companies the ability to use actionable information to their advantage.


Combine and structure different data sources to create one dashboard with all the data you need. The discovered information is visualized to easily understand data in our dashboard.

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Our dashboards are customized for your business. This gives you clear insight into your current trends and KPIs. This insight can be used to optimize business processes.

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Our dashboard creates one version of the truth. Benefit from a secure environment where all your data sources are centralized. D’atalier enables everyone in the company to generate and understand actionable insights.

Data analyse software

D'atalier makes the best use of your data

Our dashboard provides smart and fast visualizations of important data and one version of the truth is created. D’atalier makes business intelligence easier, more efficient and more accessible for all types of companies. This allows you to be a data-driven organization, where decisions are made based on hard data.

Make important data-driven decisions wherever and whenever you want

D’atalier is web-based software and therefore accessible from any device. This provides the ability to always have insight into important business data. This allows you and your teams to make location-independent data-driven decisions.

Data analyse software

D’atalier creates insight into current business processes. This allows you to make important decisions based on real-time data.

By processing relevant data from different data sources into clear analyses, important insights can be gathered.

D’atalier enables the streamlining of business processes. Process mining maps out the processes so that they can be optimized and automated where necessary.

Track down deviations in complex business processes. Bringing together important data from different data sources provides new insights.

Creating one version of the truth enables data-driven decision-making. Avoid discussions about different definitions of information.

Our dashboard is customized for your business and integrates with your existing systems.

Share relevant business information with the whole team

Within your company, people may have different ideas about how information can be interpreted. This is prevented by efficient communication of information through our dashboard.

Enable all members of your teams to generate and use actionable insights. By integrating the dashboard into your business, information becomes accessible and insightful. Adding user roles allows team members to access only the data they need.

The right data at the right time with real-time business intelligence

D’atalier makes business intelligence and data-driven decisions more accessible by offering various BI services. Our well-organized dashboard shows you data and information to your liking.

Data dashboarding

Collect data from different data sources and create one version of the truth. D’atalier visualizes your data in the way that you can use it best.

Analyses and reports

Gain new and surprising insights by combining multiple data sources. New insights create room for data-driven decision-making.

Data-driven decision making

Work with all the data your business generates and turn it into actionable information. This allows you to increase the efficiency of workflows and business processes.

Machine learning

Use machine learning to determine trends, make predictions and access new insights. D’atalier does the work for you!

Business Intelligence

To simplify your business intelligence, we can provide standalone dashboards or integrate them into your existing systems.

Optimal support

D’atalier is available to support you during every step of the process. You can contact us with any questions and/or remarks.

All relevant data centralized in an interactive dashboard

D’atalier provides more insight into your data. Our business intelligence software is built to make using your data as easy as possible. With usability in mind, you can use different charts and tables to determine trends, make predictions and detect anomalies.

Bring all your metrics together in one place

Visualize complex data in an ordered and focused way for easy interpretation.

Use machine learning and AI to gather even more insights from data.

Analyze operational processes based on data logs to turn event data into insights and actions.

By working with you, we create customized dashboards that give you the insights that match your needs.

Focus on statistical relationships between different metrics.

Not all data is structured, using Natural Language Processing to gain insight into textual content.


Do you have a question or comment about our Business Intelligence Software? Please feel free to contact us.

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