Management dashboard

At D’atalier, we understand that effective management is key to the success of your business. That is why we are proud to present our advanced management dashboard, a powerful tool designed to support you in making informed decisions and keeping business processes flowing.

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Why a Management Dashboard?

A management dashboard is not just a visual representation of data; it is the core of your business. With just one glance at our dashboard, you gain insight into KPIs, financial data and operational statistics. This enables you to identify trends, seize opportunities and address challenges proactively.

Features of our Management Dashboard


Real-time data

Using D'atalier saves valuable time and effort. With a single click, reports are generated based on key data from various sources.



Have the dashboard customised based on your specific needs. Choose the KPIs most relevant to your business and get a customised view of your data.

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Natural visualisations

Understand complex data effortlessly using clear and natural visualisations. Graphs, charts and infographics make information easy to understand, even for those without an analytical background.



Our dashboard is web-based and therefore accessible from any device with an internet connection. Manage your business with full functionality, wherever you are.


Data security

Security is our top priority. We implement advanced security measures to ensure that your business data is protected at all times.

Take advantage of the various dashboard KPI features that D'atalier has to offer

A high-quality dashboard prevents unnecessary misunderstandings between team members and promotes correct interpretation of data. This is because a single version of the truth is created. This allows decisions to be made on the basis of hard data that can be understood by everyone.

Data visualisation

Visualise complex data in a structured and ordered manner for easy interpretation and analysis.

Process mining

Analyse operational processes based on data logs to turn event data into insights and matching actions.

Machine learning / AI

Use machine learning and AI to extract and deploy even more insights from collected data.


By working with you, we create customised dashboards that give you the insights that match your needs.


Focus on statistical relationships between different metrics, pattern recognition and predictive models.

Natural Language Processing

Not all data is structured, Natural Language Processing can be used to understand textual content.

Why D'atalier as a partner?

Optimal results and decision-making

Choose D’atalier’s management dashboard and experience the power of data-driven management. Take control of your business and achieve new goals of efficiency and success. Feel free to contact us for a demo and experience the value for yourself.